Keep the body stay slim to make the body more healthy

Keep the body stay slim to make the body more healthy–slim, slim should not just the dream of every young woman, due to the slim, sleek does not only make you more beautiful, sexy but also would be more healthy. Because of the “goals” is healthy, all should be dream it, not only women, men too, not just the young, the elderly should also be the case. Because of the SLIM is beautiful and gorgeous it, then decorated the cover of beautiful female image and trim so popular and expensive, ad starring beautiful women and men athletic will also cost prohibitive. Take a look at the example, democrazy guest stars who appeared a beautiful lady for sure trim. Her guest-star in the comedy too so, when there is a fat female Guest Star (belly), sorry, so usually only the laughing matter object.

Slim is definitely not the same as skinny, not identical with only a leather wrapper, if that included bone disease and malnutrition. No one wants to pay for You, even if Your levels should be pretty but thin, living skin wrapping the bone to become the star of ads. Trim it, does not mean your body contains no fat, your body fat remains a proportionate amount. Slim is also not the same as losing weight, what does your weight down, but your muscles are also shrinking, and keep your stomach protruding, the thickness of the fat on your belly is still far above normal. How that Slim perhaps could be equated with the term solid contain, with a balanced body weight.

Become and maintain stay slim indeed not easy. As we age, usually starting at age 40 years and above, there is a pile of fat dollar trend, especially around the abdomen for men, and also the hips, buttocks and thighs for women. The older a person because of the influence of the physiological changes, hormonal, dietary, lifestyle, including the “sedentary life” — a relaxed lifestyle, much to sit, lay down, less motion, lazy work out — then the energy we get from the food we consume, the more fat is stored in the form of muscle, while the thin. Because of the habit of eating more and moving the appropriate reduced, along with increasing age.

The buildup of fat around the stomach is not without risk, according to research someone fat, especially a large stomach, also known as central obesity has a greater risk for suffering from diabetes (diabetes), cardiovascular diseases (including stroke), Alzheimer ‘s, arthritis, especially the knee joint. These risks according to William Sears, author of the book Prime-Time Health known as “The Big Bad Four of Belly Fat“. Four (4) a bad disease due to fat buildup in Your waistline.

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Body Slimming Tips and how Effective and safe–there are many ways to lose weight, ranging from various methods of diet, exercise, liposuction surgery, acupuncture, until slimming medication. Where is a safe and effective? Read from our article of how to be health with weight loss.

Refer to the WHO, it is said that a good weight loss cannot be done instantly, but it is a long term therapy. Needed to reduce the weight rather than simply reducing portion of a meal, but also needed the guidance of a nutritionist before making any dietary changes, physical activity, and accompanied by behavioral therapy.

To find out how slimming which is healthy, safe, and effective, please read the following to complete description.

How to dispose of fat that is currently operating trends are liposuction and tummy-tuck. This operation was chosen because a lot of weight can fall dramatically without the need to go on a diet and a workout tired, it is proved by the testimony of an artist. But why Yes although fat is removed, the body still fat?

Basically the liposuction is surgery to remove the fat under the skin, and is done to achieve the harmony of body shape, not to lose weight. While tummy-tuck is the process of disposal of excess fatty tissue and skin on it to form a body more aesthetically. Any reduced fat may not be more than 3-5 kg once operation

According to a nutritional specialist, dr.Johanes Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, both types of operations are always done doctors against patients who have fatty body weight after shrink. So, once the new surgery to lose weight, not surgery to lose weight because after 3 months of body fat will come back.

This action is selected if any slimming method with no luck. Bindings mounting tool is Gastric “Binder hull” that cause gastric pouch is smaller so we are not going to eat too much because the body feel full faster. Through this action the weight can be reduced by 35-60 percent in 12 months.

In contrast to the temporary bindings gastric, gastric by-pass is permanent, the doctor will make a ‘ road ‘ liaison between the base of the hull with the intestine so that food does not, however, directly into the stomach through the intestine. With gastric by-pass, weight can be reduced by up to 80 percent. To do both types of such action, the patient must be aged over 35 years. » Read more: RECOMMENDED HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS